Rune of Ascendance should create items near or below user level

I found a couple rune of ascendance around level 12 and used them on a couple daggers but the resulting items where level 36+, and so I feel like I wasted the Runes because I can’t use them for another 20+ levels

Would it be possible to generate uniques that are nearer to or below the users current level so that we have items we can equip?

The lowest level unique dagger is for level 27. The next is level 36. So either way you couldn’t get a dagger you could use anytime soon. Or even worse, it wouldn’t give you any item at all because you don’t have the level for it and you would have wasted it anyway.

There are 6 unique daggers. If you allow any way to influence the chances, RoA becomes an automatic “get this specific unique”, which is not the aim. The system is fine as it is. It’s basically just like doing a special unique echo. It helps improve your odds of getting the unique you want, rather than being a way to guarantee it.


Level requirement of items is no indicator for the strength nor rarity of an item.

RoA are already a very powerful target farming tool that don’t need any weird exceptions.


How about then putting a warning popup in the case where the lowest level among all uniques is way above your current level?

“Using a Rune of Ascendance on a dagger will create a unique item that requires at least a character level of 27. Do you wish to continue?”

EHG want us to not need to use external tools which means you should not have to need to use anoter website to know the level of uniques.


This would make it pretty abusable, you could create lower level characters just to make sure you’d get higher chances of the items you want from rune of ascendence and just spam dozens to target farm an specific item.
I don’t think the game should give reasons for the player to have multiple low levels alt just to use this rune.


Do you get that many runes for even make this possible? I haven’t got one in nearly a week of playing so abusing this would be hard…

I mean, as COF you can stack a buuuuuuuuuunch of these if you want…
I personally stopped caring about them at all since it’s still a bad way to get LP.

this would be good because new players have no idea what items are available nor what levels the items drop at

I’ve gotten more LP3 items from runes than I have from drops. #justsaying

Anyway, CoF offers prophecies that award runes of ascendance (qty scales with rank), and CoF players also have a chance of not consuming runes when they are used to upgrade an item. The sparkly rune chests in monoliths also always drop a rune of ascendence.

A simple reason that it’s not necessarily a good idea is that tying certain crafting methods to character or item level is likely to cause players to avoid crafting altogether until their crafting has access to everything, rather than craft whenever they get the chance.
And as some players have pointed out, tying it to character or item level may also incentivize weird crafting abuses in order to increase the chances of certain outcomes by crafting at specific levels.

I got about 47 on my Cycle account.

Want one?

I am playing offline so even if the answer is yes, I can’t :slight_smile:

Rune of ascendance is how i transfer gold from cof to merchants mage. Farm a bunch of them and a bunch of other useless uniques. Toss them into bank. Vendor them for 50K minimum per 10 min per monolith clear. If you pass those runes to an alt, the item wont have a tag. You can sell it for a ton of gold. Incoming video once i hit rep 9 for MG, borderline exploit for free gold

This is interesting. You just farm a bunch of them and spam on multiple COF bases? I haven’t got a single LP2 from them, just LP1