Rune of Ascendance query

I just Ascended 3 Rune Visage helmets hoping to get a Fractured Crown.
Not only did I not get a Fractured Crown but the 3 helmets returned were all of a different character type WTF! What’s the point in having a Rune of Ascendance if isn’t going to return an Item you can use??

Hey agreed, it would be cool if Runes of Ascendance only made items equippable by the current character. Try popping that in feedback and suggestions. But as it stands you’re just guaranteed it returns a helmet, not that it’s a mage helmet. And helmets are one of the largest pools I believe, plus one of the only ones with class restrictions (along with armor?). So they’re way less likely to be the item you’re seeking than virtually any other slot.

If you’re CoF, try farming prophecies instead / in addition. If MG, just trade for it. Runes of Ascendance I would only burn on helmets if there’s absolutely nothing else you’re interested in or you feel you Must have this no matter what.

Thanks for reply.

Rune of Ascendance is one of the most powerful things in the game.
It is becoming a bit less strong with each patch, and it will do as long as we stay in a always-add-more-and-more-uniques frenzy (more uniques = less chances to get the one you want), but it has also been made more available, for example with the chests and now CoF.

I play almost only fresh-start characters, and I have used runes of ascendance many times to get uniques I needed for my builds.
It eventually works because I use them to look for pretty common uniques, but on average I would say I use 10-15 runes of ascendance before I get what I want. This is RNG obviously, anything can happen, but that is what I have grown to expect. After 5 runes I would consider myself super-lucky, more than 20 I would call a stroke of bad luck.
My point being, 3 runes is nothing. It would be like winning (a small prize) at the lottery.

Even though, I would be against limiting them to equippable items, as it would make them way too powerful. Drop rates would have to be massively reduced to make up for it, and getting drops is fun.

I believe that the Fractured Crown is a guaranteed outcome from a Rune of Ascendance if you meet the relevant requirements.

As for getting uniques for other classes, I’m kinda on the fence about it tbh.

Many people like/have alts. Or they get a build-enabling unique and then make a new build/character out of it.


If that were to happen, RoA would basically be . There’s a reason why you can get any unique of that type, even if it’s 50 levels above yours and it’s so you don’t get guaranteed results.
RoA is very strong, but it’s basically just like a specific unique echo in monoliths. It’s meant to help you have more chances to get it, not to guarantee it.

There are no requirements. RoA will drop a unique for that type regardless of your mastery, level, area, item level, etc.

Oh I didn’t mean ‘right then’; if you had it pop out something currently equippable you’d have folks chilling at level 24 with an alt forever to pop out exsangs all day long.

Just not specifically locked behind a requirement for a class other than your own, which only really impacts helmets and armor. Not everyone will want to run alts, and I see it as a more positive experience if you’re not getting items you literally can’t use and are instead only getting items you can’t use yet or might choose not to use.

When did that change for Fractured Crown? Historically it’s always had a requirement which is currently the Runed Visage, mana & damage to mana before hp affixes & a total affix count of at least 21.

And relics.

The link you provided was for the old Crown. The new one apparently also works in that specific way, yes. I actually wasn’t aware of that. I don’t even know if I have one, since I don’t think I’ve needed one in any build. But given that it only drops from that specific method, I’d say I don’t have one, unless I bought it on MG.

Personally, I’d just get rid of class requirements. When all classes can be pretty much any archetype, like melee, caster, minion, etc, it doesn’t really make much sense to lock them.

I think it was changed at the same time as the introduction to the RoA (1.0?) but it was a real chase item before that where you still had to meet certain requirements, and used to be when shattering a different base, here’s for the new one.

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No, Fractured Crown is an exception to this. Boss Only drops are another exception.

I have a video upcoming, where i use 400+ runes of ascendance to test if they are any good. Video should be available in a month.

I do agree they need a small buff, having them locked to the class your using may be a decent solution [for 0lp 1lp ones at least]