Rune of ascendance how does it work exactly?

So i got rune of ascendance im not sure how rare is that rune but im guessing pretty rare? im playing lich dot build what item would be the best to use this rune on? can i for example get a guaranteed some mega rare unique item from this rune if used on correct base?

umm anyone?

It changes the item into a unique or set item of the same item type. For example, using it on a Silver Ring could turn it into any unique ring, including ones that are not Silver Rings.

does it matter on what wand base i use this rune or what level is the wand im using this rune on? like whats the highest unique item level there is? should i use this rune on something like 70 lvl wands or wut

From the crafting dev blog:

Some further info on Discord from the developers:


so does this mean it doesnt matter on what item level im using rune of ascendace but only on what base?

Yes, but it’s the item type, 1h sword, 1h axe, ring, amulet, etc not the specific base (katana & gladius will both turn into a random unique 1h sword).


i see thanks

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