Ruined Shrine Portal Bug

Once you complete a Ruined Shrine Mono on patch 0.7.8 there is no portal button which spawns

We’re looking into this. Did an objective (i.e. Forge, Boss, Spires) spawn but there’s no portal option? Or was there no objective at all?

Does this happen in any other maps?

Hi!! I had the same issue a few minutes ago. I think there’s no objectives and the map mods disappear too.
Gj with the 0.7.8!! (Not irony, I love it xD)

We’ve found a fix for this issue and will include it in 0.7.8b. Please let us know if you have this problem in any other zones. Thanks!

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@Hackaloken thanks and keep up the excellent work. You guys are doing a fantastic job and the community appreciates your efforts. Brilliant game so far !

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