Rugby World Cup

Time to shutdown my system, grab a beer and see if the defending champions can do it again… Only bloody thing worth anything in South Africa anymore!!

There is only one thing i can say right now.
Germany is basketball world champion​:basketball::basketball::basketball::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Oh crap. This means more graphics of that ridiculous Haka the All Blacks do. I don’t know why a bunch of dudes, making “meth faces” is supposed to intimidate anyone. Maybe they should be playing a banjo in the background while they do it? Go for the ole Deliverance vibe?

We’ve all got our barbaric pre battle panto to do. Ours is an archaic Zulu warrior jumping around in animal skins and waving an assegai spear at the enemy. Our arch rivals, NZ, like painting their faces and wagging their tongues. Nothing like a Haka to get a South African ready for a fight.

@Llama8’s crowd offers you tea and biscuits and asks when it would be acceptable to initiate the scuffle By Jove!


That & would you mind awefully being invaded & having all your nice cultural stuff put in the British Museum.

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Thems fighting flags!

Challenge Accepted.

:south_africa: :south_africa: :south_africa:

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Ummm, no, not really…

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