Rolled back

IGN: Hasharin
I was rolled back about 2 hours of gameplay yesterday March 14, 2023.
I noticed the roll back after I disconnected from an Echo and logged back in. This was at around 22:10 yesterday. I was level 96 at the time and logged back in to level 95. I had just completed the Temporal Dungeon and created a legendary belt which I no longer have is the most frustrating part of the roll back.


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We are looking into this. Thanks for the report!

I have the same problem, I was rolled back (for all, lvl, items, blessing, stash tab) about 4 hours of gameplay today, after error on arena.

Same thing has happened to me twice so far, in the past two days. I can’t add the log files, for its size is 30mb and you have 6mb limit?

Issue seems to happen when I close the game by “exit to desktop”. The progress lost seems to be aroud 1-2 hours.