Rollback of Offline character on March 29th 2023

I was playing offline (always have) leveling my sentinel yesterday evening (March 29th) in standard mode. Ended a little after 11pm central time and started a few (3/4) hours prior. I was level 21 when I logged in for that session and when I finished I was around level 44 because I went straight into monoliths when they became available.

During my session I was testing out my Xbox controller since I normally play mouse and keyboard. I was having issues rebinding keys for the Xbox controller (they would not rebind) and the mouse and keyboard was also not responding in the settings menu so I eventually turned off the controller, exited to character creation, and re-entered the game. I played with mouse and keyboard for the remainder of the session. This controller issue and initial exit occurred within the first hour of my playtime. I was in the “Abandoned Tunnels” (Ruined era) when this occurred.

The remainder of my playtime was uninterrupted after my one time exit to character select. I played in monoliths, organized my storage, and eventually logged off in that chamber you go to after every successful/failed monolith (where you can access the reward chest, stash, vendor, etc.).

When I logged off for the day I exited the game completely.

I returned today, March 30th, at around 6:30pm central time to pick up from where I left. I noticed in character select it said my sentinel was still level 21 and upon loading into the game I realized it was not a visual bug.

All progress that occurred after my initial exit the prior day (due to controller binding issues) had not saved. I logged out immediately to avoid making the issue potentially worse and hopped on reddit/steam page for extra info.

This is everything of significance that has occurred leading to and after the rollback and my report that I can recall.

This was a bug with 0.9g. The 0.9g2 patch released earlier today addressed this and it should hopefully be fixed (meaning it shouldn’t happen again. Your data will not be restored though). There’s another super long thread about this already.

Regarding your controller bindings, here’s a solution if it’s the bug I’m thinking of:
When opening the binding menu, do NOT use your mouse, otherwise your controller bindings will be empty and glitched. You have to use your controller to open the keybind menu.

I saw the other post and skimmed some of the replies for it. Just wanted to give as detailed of a report as I could and make it as accessible as possible if any of it could be useful.

I’ll definitely look into that controller solution you mentioned. Thanks for the info.

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