Roll backs

Got a level 79 character was doing empowered timelines, log on today 10/5/23 14.15 uk time

And i have been rolled back to normal monos where i have to complete the 3 timelines at the top to get to empowered again…

Thought you should know this is happening and ive uninstalled, normal mono’s are bad enough without being forced to do them again after you have already done them once…

Rollbacks(can see the players time is truly appreciated)
Rubber banding( more elastic on your servers than a knicker factory)
Terrible lag & Input lag(click a skill 3 times before anything happens)
Server i get thrown on is EU east(I am EU west, so that makes perfect sense)

Wolcen runs better online at this point, and thats a really bad look.

Wolcen is awesome now, and has been super-stable for ages. Last time I played was over a year ago (many hundreds of hours of delight) and it was rock solid even then.

You may want to log this as a bug to get more dev eyeballs and include your logs if you still have them. I know they dont always reply but they do sometimes and Mike lurks there often reading reports and closing solved/duplicate tickets… and this is the kind of thing that needs to be checked.


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