Rogue Skills

Why does the Rogue have fewer skills than the rest of the classes? Are there more coming with 1.0? I understand the falconer is coming, but the rogue skills lack 2 skills less than any other class. Just curious if this the final intent or we just haven’t been shown more skills for the Rogue yet?

There are a few masteries that have missing skills (only 1, though). They won’t be coming with 1.0, that will be the missing masteries and missing skill trees. Probably for 1.1, though.

Maybe for 1.1, maybe not. :person_shrugging:t3:

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Yes, there is no word yet on what the devs are planning for 1.1, but considering that they’re trying to add missing stuff to the game, I’d expect missing skills to be next. No guarantees, though.

Exactly, so one can’t say “probably 1.1” 'cause we don’t know, plus there’s a lot of skills that need to be reworked…

Oh ok, thanks. I thought this was the official launch of the game. I guess I figured if it was they would be releasing at least finished classes. The rogue feels really old and unfinished. I am leveling one now and there seems to be a massive hit box issue or something with bow.

Rogue is the newest class and EHG had a lot of ideas for rogue, but decided to do quality over quantity.

I really don’t think the lack of a few skills is really that big of a deal, because the quality of each skill individually: SFX, VFX, animation etc are superb compared to many many other classes skills. On top of that all teh skill spec trees are phenomanal.

I prefer this over having quantity.

But yes, in the long run EHG’s plan is to give rogue mroe skills.

Also Paladin and Lich are missing one skill as well and Mage already has one mroe base skill than any other class.
Shaman just get a new skill (+ one reworked with 1.0) to clsoe the gap for this mastery.