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Rogue skill idea - Garrotte

Hello everyone !

This is a skill and skill tree suggestion for Rogue or maybe Bladedancer. I didnt specify the values nor the number of points to allocate, leaving it to EHG for the sake of balance (if they like my suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: )

Rogues love to see their foes bleed. What about being sure you deal tons of cuts on their body and then release the garrotte to see all their blood going out at once ? BLOOD, BLOOD EVERYWHERE.

Here is a screen shot but also share the google drive diagram itself to make it easier to read. Hope you will like it ! :slight_smile:

Link :

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I usually like the dot playstile. But your idea i do really like because you can set it up (player choice) and by doing so you can perform a huge amount of damage which can help to take down bigger enemies without getting the feeling of “tickling them to death” which sometimes happens in DoT playstiles when you play within an appropiate lvl range.

The only thing i dont know about is how poison dmg. is categorized/tagged. Is it chaos dmg. or phys? The reason im asking is because of “chaos resist” on enemies and so negating a portion on the “pros”.
Phys wouldnt be that bad because of the possibility of “phys ignore”.

But still, great idea :slight_smile:

so long

Thx for the reply :slight_smile:
Poison damage is tagged as … poison damage ^^ You have a poison resistance stat !

Oh well than thats good. Mixed up the names btw, meant “void” but still, if its a separate res than my point doenst matter anyway :smiley:

so long

Indeed, void and poison are different damage type in Last Epoch !

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