Rogue shurikens bug

As I am a Korean gamer, I am writing a bug report using a translator, so it may be uncomfortable to view.

Currently, I am playing as Rogue and using Shurikens among Rogue’s skills. If you cast Shurikens after investing skill points in Bladed armor while specializing in Shurikens, the first cast after moving the map will be cast without a problem, but the shuriken will not be cast on subsequent casts. It appears that the damage is applied once when attached to a monster and casted, but the shuriken does not appear to appear after that. Please review. thank you

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This has been happening for me as well. I find it concerning that this has been brought to their attention 4 or 5 days ago and it still isn’t fixed. This does not bode well imo.

similar issue, even with no points allocated my shurikens move maybe half a character distance from me

Having the same issue. Since specializing into Blade Shield, the first cast with shuriken after zoning works, all subsequent casts lock me into animation but no shurikens appear. It does count for use of Flow as if I used an ability. I do not get the benefit of Blade Shield eiher.

I am also having the same problem.
It works as intended as long as Blade Shield node is not selected. If it is selected then shurikens will only work once per map area or per life (if you die it works once).

This also similarly affects the slight of hand node from the Shift skill tree.