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Rogue + remaining sublasses ETA?

Hi there!

Just bought access to the alpha yesterday after following the game for a while and playing the demo. And I’ve been enjoying myself!
So I saw that the beta is “expected” for March 2019, and was wondering when the Rogue plus the remaining subclasses would be released. Will they all be ready to go and be tested before the beta? Like, will there be a steady stream of class/subclass releases over the coming months? Or can we expect class/subclass releases during the beta? Not trying to pry out any exact dates haha; just looking forward to content!
I really liked the idea of the Falconer and am excited to start testing it out :slight_smile:


Currently there isn’t an ETA.

Our priority is improving the classes currently available. While it’s not entirely set in stone, we may then add the remaining mastery classes for the base classes already implemented.

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