Rogue Poison Bow feedback

hey, i am loving the game and i have really enjoyed playing “poison bow” and tried my best to specialize in this for my rogue. during leveling this felt great (some rose tinted glasses due to it beeing first time leveling a character in the game) but during the endgame i found there is a severe lack of bows / rogue gear that facilitate this type of specialization, and i have been grinding for what seems to me, to be a lot, to try and get the unique bow named “acidfletch” however even after having gained 37 corruption and trying over and over in the correct timeline (according to the wiki) i have only seen one other bow from the list of unique bows and it even was a “rare” bow even though acidfletch was supposed to be “common” i also feel like there should be plain and simply “more” items and affixes tied to poison

to boil it down a little, i feel like the drop rate for acidfletch according to the wiki might be misleading or unclear what “common drop rate” mean, also give poison archetype playstyle a little bit more love, thanks and have a great day! (same goes for bows in general, at this point it feels to me you guys are waiting for bow stuff until you’ve released a ranger or somthing)

Yep, ailment marksman need some love. Im playing hybrid bleed/poison detonating arrow with salt the wound and the dmg output is very underwhelming.
You also need to move constantly otherwise your survivability will be low, therefore its hard to keep stacks up.