Rogue concept design part 2 (Marksman)


Main stats: dexterity
Main weapons: Bow, crossbow, off hand melee weapon.

Philosophy: The marksman is patient, he lays a trap and waits for his prey to walk into it. He doesn’t take bad shots, only the perfect ones.

Class passive trait: Considerably reduced aggro range and threat generation. Increased trap placement range.

Core Abilities:

Resonating arrow: Fire an arrow into the ground at a targeted location, drawing the attention of enemies who are not otherwise occupied.

Exploding arrow: Fire an arrow which detonates against the first enemy struck, dealing fire damage and igniting all enemies near the initial target.

Tar Trap: Arm a trap at the target location, detonating when an enemy walks over it and creating a large patch of slowing tar. Tar may catch fire under certain circumstances (exploding arrow and a few other skills ignite the tar to deal bonus fire damage)

(high tier/ marksman only abilities)

Snipe: Line up the perfect shot, dealing massive damage to the first enemy struck, snipe deals bonus damage to uninjured enemies.

Unlimited: for the next 5 seconds, all skills and abilities have no cooldown, cost no mana, and create an echo of the marksman who will repeat the ability at a nearby enemy once unlimited ends. When unlimited ends you lose all mana.

Passive nodes (Aside from generic ones)

Longshot: Ability damage is increased the longer a projectile travels before striking an enemy.

Magic Fletching: Ranged skills deal base elemental damage of all types.

Maximum draw: Ranged skills deal more damage if no ranged skills have been used in the last 3 seconds.

Between the eyes: the first attack against enemies is guaranteed to crit.


Really cool ideas you bring up here also for bladedancer and falconer! Im kinda surprised if we will see so much trap support in this game. I havent heard anything about trap skills, but i would welcome a playstyle like this.
Can’t wait for marksman, gonna be my main class for sure:)

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