Rogue Bleed Counter

Could we get a bleed counter on enemies displaying how many bleeds we applied?

Also ignite, frostbite, and poison if we are covering our bases. :smiley:

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Welcome ot the LE Community @Itseptic

Buffs/Debuffs is something the devs want to actively work on.

And when there are important decisions, that rely on information’s like this I would totally agree, but currently there really is not (as far as I am concered for Bleed at least).

You would not change your rotation or decision making based on those indefinitely stackable Ailments.

For capped Ailments like slow, chill and frailty on ther other hand it would be an information that is actually important.

Maybe they would add this in the future, if they can put it into the UI without overloading it, because that’s the most important thing: Don’t overlaod the UI with uncessary information.

Maybe even make it toggable for people that don’t wanna see it.

Ok i guess you are right. So you can apply bleed indefinietly?

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Yes, all “regular” ailments (Bleed, Ignite, Poison, Damned, Frostbite) stack indefinitely. (But every stack has it’s individual duration)
Armour Shred also stacks indefinitely, but is not an damaging ailment.

There are a couple more ailments that do have some caps:
Chill, Slow, Frailty: 3 stacks
All specific resistances shreds (Like physical shred): 20 Stacks.

Then there are some “special ailments” that are generally harder to aquire, and are only availble in skill spec trees or unqiues, like Plague or Spreading Flames, those don’t stack at all.

Thank you for the clear answer.
Take Care

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Why? As Heavy said, most damaging ailments don’t have a stack cap so there’s no decisions to make based on the number of stacks a mob has.

I didn’t know you can stack indefinitely. I made a suggestion that’s what this topic is right? Now I know I thanked @Heavy


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