Rock elemental health is not increased

Rock elementals should be one of the talkiest minions in the game from my knowledge, with 500 base health and a lot of health scaling. Right now I also have 396 health from attunement and 864 from character level, resulting in total 1760 base. With 309% increased minion health, they should have 7198,4 health.
They die so quickily in normal monoliths, that I did some testing. I took away all the healing I had and left just warcy with 300 health heal and 7% healing effectiveness (321 health healed).
I recorded a video and counted single frame change in pixels of health bar to calculate healing percentage. For rock elementals it’s (95-19)/122 ~ 62%, which is about 321 out of 500 base health (64%).
I did the same test with abberants call and a bear (about 8500 hp), the result is (96-87)/232 ~ 3.8%, which considering inaccuracy is about 3.7% that I expect.
Here is my image, but you don’t need to count pixels to see the difference. First two bars is a rock elemental, second is the bear. Keep in mind, that they should have about the same total health, 7k vs 8.5k.

Please look into that, because I like to make hipster builds, and right now it’s not working just because of the bug. Maybe other minion damage reduction like 50% general minion less damage taken and minion power are also not working properly, because my minions die too easy. Thanks.