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Roady's Stun Lightning Blast Sorcerer Static Orb, Stun Everything With Ease Last Epoch Build Guide

YouTube Build Guide :

Last Epoch Build Planner :

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Looks good man! I didin’t watch the whole video but it looks quite interesting so im saving it for later and my new HC Sorc :smiley:

Hi Dread, great video thank you for sharing it. I had a question specifically about the gearing choice of going for high HP. The build has 2.2k HP but only 441 endurance threshold in the sample gear.

Contrasting this with the approach used by some other builds to run around 900’ish hp & 500+ endurance threshold, I wanted your input on what you think is the optimum strategy to maximise survivability.

Kinda torn on how to go about setting up a Sorc I’m playing in SSF right now.

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