Rmt issue

I recently found a bug with keys and item duplication. Today I have already closed this location, but I am sure that there are still players who did not update the game today and are still using these bugs and are not thrown out of the closed location. Now imagine what will happen to the economy when they come out with billions of gold. Please restart the servers last epoch to fix this. Its been 3 days since 1 man selling gold and don t get ban. May be u do smthing and this is not visual bug.

I also attach a video 【最后纪元】印钞 赌徒NPC这次真赢麻了(已修复)_网络游戏热门视频 and 【最后纪元】无限刷金币BUG 全职业双阵营通用 !!请看完视频再做尝试!!

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