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RMT in Diablo III, RMT in Path of Exile, and Other Off-Topic Posts

Is this supporting the idea of RMT or fighting against the idea of RMT?

I’m in no way claiming to read your mind - if you think that I misinterpreted this then please, let me know how should have someone rational interpreted what I just quoted.

So let me paint you a picture.

I love playing video games, using my computer. But i will not sleep at a bed near a computer, due to personal reason.

Is it me fighting against playing game or against computer?;))

Which paragraph by whom are you fighting against here?

Why fighting? Why we always have to fight? :smiley:

How I understand some arguments here are: RMT support in game is fine because RMT exists anyway. And my point is: It’s not the same thing.

You are quoting a person and then claiming that:

I’m not trying to be difficult here, I simply don’t understand which paragraph is this directed towards, as your sentence clearly is addressing someone’s claim.

Should I quote whole chain of comments? Not sure what you are asking me to do. Anyway, it was more general comment than talking about something very concrete. I got into this thread to actually read about economy idea and read through comments and left one of mine, that’s all.

But I see your comments are more or less “fight against RMT is futile”… while you may be right, so is fight against cheaters and yet it’s good there is constant struggle between developers and cheaters. As long as devs will do what they can, they can protect majority of people from RMT or cheaters.

Someone pointed that even D3, without trading, has RMT… it’s true, but it does not affect 99.9% of players, so I guess Blizzard won that fight more or less?

I’m wondering which comment is claiming that two things are the same or treating them as such. Just one quote would suffice.

RMT does not have to involve cheating or botting and plenty of games don’t fight against RMT aside from waving their finger and making public announcements.

What fight?

RMT many time does involve botting.

Against RMT…

Who was / were the instigator(s) of RMT in D3?

This is one of these question, which may look smart, but has no real point and lead to nowhere. So not sure if there is anything more to add here.

Why not? I want to know the timeline of the D3’s successful fight against RMT.

Right exactly they kicked AH from the game. After this point, only RMT left is boosting/farming, which does not affect basically anyone. Maybe just these few still chasing top spots on leaderboard.

Point is, Blizzard said exactly what you said “RMT exists with or without us, so let’s support it and make it secure”… After like two years, they suddenly found way, how to “beat” RMT - at least most of it.

RMT is not harmless, it affects huge part of online games, so I say it’s good if devs are looking for ways to at least discourage RMT.

So, if Path of Exile removes any possibility to trade, then they would also win against RMT?

Well, boosting and farming could still be huge, because some items are pain in the ass to find, but for most part, yes, they would remove huge part of RMT market.

But question would be “was it worth it?” - and that’s much harder to answer.

GGG is struggling here, they want to keep trading inconvenient to limit trading as much as possible, but it also means RMT market has free reign. If they would introduce something like EvE’s online market system as only way to trade items, it could hamper RMT in a big way, but it would also lead to faster power progress during the season.

As prevalent is in D3 and if I’d have to make a bet, I’d put my chips on D3 here.

Is that a question for D3 too?

Not prevalent at all. Actually RMT market in D3 is miniscule (at least according blizzard and I tend to believe them here). Reason is simple, there is very little to gain.

Of course. But answer may be different for you and me.

The claim was a comparison, not a size judgement in isolation.

Why go through all this struggle to now suddenly introduce mysticism and shrug shoulders?

All in all where I wanted to reach is to show how ironic this whole conversation is, no offense.
You attack some invisible opponent, a claim which hasn’t been made with a statement of:

And then start doing exactly that by aggregating D3 RMT which was introduced by the developers with RMT which is black/gray market.


It’s all good, I just thought it was funny.

I think you are quite confused here, but whatever floats your boat.

Am I though?

You are arguing against someone’s point on the of matter the fact that a black/gray market still exists after the removal of AH with a claim that D3 won some fight although you yourself only two post above made the statement that:

I ask:

You respond:


As I said, it’s okay; I just found it funny - don’t take it seriously.

Way to miss my whole point buddy. Yea, I found it funny too.