RMT and Exploit Statement

You can’t actually. You never can. You can only speak for yourself. That’s all anyone can do. The first of many areas in this post where you are wrong.

You go on to suggest that they “must” provide you personally with a direct response and take the actions you wish, including paying someone $100k+ guaranteed (after considering benefits) to browse the internet all day and infiltrate (typically offshore) RMT companies as spies, in addition to spending untold quantities of money on legal actions, to avoid the “consequence” of folks who have already paid all they’re going to pay for the game no longer using up server resources.

Now obviously it’s good for them if folks love the game and talk about it to their friends all the time and word of mouth positive reviews and recommendations boost sustainable long term sales figures. But you have a pretty wildly inflated idea of the value associated with you continuing to play the game.

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I dont think they would hire anyone for 100k. They could hire someone in India to work for 75c an hour and have those people do a good job as 75c an hour there is a lot as many live there on less then 7$ a day. At 75C an hour, they would be paid somewhere around 10% more then middle class. People would be jumping on it like bees onto sugar.

Great news, the prices are way too high in market. Waiting for updates :slight_smile:

This is not a bug, it’s a feature.

Maybe in 1990. Modern salaries and minimum wages for a given role combined with contractor or EOR fees, legal compliance, and benefits mean you’d be paying more like $20000+ rather than the $2000 you seem to think, but that’s not really the issue here.

Let’s assume you Were paying someone $1 per hour. The assertion where you’re furthest off is “and have them do a good job”. Remember, your plan is to pay them to infiltrate RMT organizations. Organizations where gold sellers are typically operating out of countries like India, and are making typically $2000 per month or more. And they’re the ones responsible for fishing them out and reporting on them. Can you begin to see why that’s not likely to work out well for you?

Dude, chill the fuck down. It’s just a game. You are not a spokeperson fighting a devastating social issue. Spies? Infiltration? The hell are you talking about? Leaving this game for a while would be healthy for you, because you sound unhinged.

Also, did I read wrong or were you suggesting that EHG should outsource work to a country with cheap salaries so they can hire people for bellow minimum wage like many scummy companies do?

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I think he has “assassins” somewhere in his notes, too, but just forgot to mention them.

Thank you, EHG!

Thing is without insane generation gold will eventually fall. The reality is if youre trying to sell, the lightless arbor is the most time effective way to gain sellable items. Each run can generate am absolutely ridiculous amount of loot to sell.

So with that reality the gold in the merchants guild will always somewhat level out to balance around it, so long as no methods of generating lots of gold very quickly exist.

basically nothing, its been 4 days. Only getting worse.

Good job!

Yep, this is an I told you so post. LE certainly is in between D4 and PoE. Each game has different QoL that they do well, none of them are without issue. So it becomes a matter of which is most interesting to me at the moment

Finally got around to reading this. Go EHG! I agree. :fist:

Good work.