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Rive - Focused Strike, buged?

I’m playing a Rive Paladin, with the node Focused Strike guaranteeing a critical strike on the 3rd hit, yet mono maps with crit avoidance modifiers seem to skip the ALWAYS crit part. Is this intended or a bug?
Here’s my build and thank you!

See the following post - no confirmation from the devs as to which way its meant to work but if you say its ALWAYS not critting (dependant on the mono modifier level) then that would probably be a bug - if the modifier is reducing the crit chance, then it should still occassionally crit on the third strike… I’d recommend you ask on the Discord ask the devs channel for formal clarification on how this node is supposed to work re monolith modifiers.

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Well, thank you! Since the skill description says it ALWAYS crits on 3rd strike, until they change the wording on the tooltip, I will treat this as a bug and avoid maps with said modifiers (and those with dodge, I f… hate those).

We all hate dodge and glancing blow modifiers…

I have asked the devs to clarify this interaction on Discord… if they (Mike W probably) replies I will update it here…

I’d assume it probably is working, since the “always crits” bit is making sure that “your side” of the crit chance is 100% (it’s likely coded as adding +100% flat chance to crit), however that crit chance is then modified by the target’s chance to avoid crits & that happens after your part of the calculation.

I want to say that this has been asked before & that was broadly the answer from the devs, but I’m too lazy to look it up…

Same… I think the previous discussions on this topic were not for Rive specificially… if I recall correctly it was the difference between the issue of the “added +100% flat chance” vs “an absolute crit on/off toggle” - which seems to be the case here… The ALWAYS wording would suggest a toggle that ignores anything else but from what you (and Mike thumbs up’d) mentioned on Discord, its likely the added version which would explain the experience…

Yeah, I don’t think they have an “always XXX toggle” in LE, they code it as “adding enough flat XXX to make it equivalent to always XXX”.

Llama8 is correct - “always crits” refers to your ‘outgoing’ crits. Enemies can still avoid that crit with crit avoidance. This is no different than how players can avoid crits that enemies ‘dealt’ with the same stat. Typically enemies and players tend to abide by the same rules with the same stats. I believe the most common previous discussions concerning this have been in regards to Shadow Daggers.

Your outgoing hit is a crit, then when the enemy calculates its defences, it ‘rolls’ on Crit avoidance to see if it takes it as a crit or downgrades it to a hit. Sometimes it gets read as reducing an enemy’s chance to deal a crit, but it’s a defensive layer, not an ailment.


Thank you all for the answers!
Kain, mage has a similar node in Meteor called World Ender, that always crits if you cast it while you have more than 400 mana. I have tested it and it ALWAYS crits, no matter how much crit avoidance the mobs have.
I am still confused, I believe Rive - Focused Strike is calculated/worded wrong.

L.E. Here is the mage build:

L.L.E Seems I was mistaken, I took several maps with mob crit avoidance modifiers, until I got a higher crit avoidance number, and meteor no longer always crits.
So there’s that, never contradict a developer xD.

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