RIP Wandering Spirits.... unless

Anyone have any ideas for a channelled build???

LOL I was just going to try out a WS lich. Damnnnnn

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Besides spectral putrescence? No

“we want to stop people from autocasting this”
proceeds to nerf the skill to the point that people will not cast it IN GENERAL


I was using it…the skill now is useless. Man that cast time alone destroyed it. I know they wanted to stop autocast but damn it feels longer than a stun. Makes almost mandatory to spend points to reduce it… and then leaves u with not enough points to make the skill usefull

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THey are testing. I’m sure they’re ready to reconsider if the skill becomes “dead” (I don’t like this word, it’s totally untrue).
We still can cast it manually during a fight, though it’s not interesting. The skill can still be useful.
I really wish EHG moves in our direction, and I trust them.

I definitely won’t use it at all in its current state.

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I think EHG has to learn that hard nerfs are not the solution to non-interactive playstyles - it needs to learn that the skill itself needs to be changed so that it is more fun to use.


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