Rip Blood with Mana Feast, no mana back on Bleed Overload trigger

The warlock passive tree skills Cauldron of Blood(5points) and Crimson Favors(4points) give you a buff called Bleed Overload, where you cast Rip Blood automatically at a nearby enemy every second. With Rip Blood spec’d, and the Mana Feast node, Rip Blood should restore mana when the blood orb returns to you.

The orb/Rip Blood does not restore mana as expected when triggered by Bleed Overload. Is this a bug? Intentional but not directly stated by skill descriptions? I’m trying to sustain Ghostflame(phys) mana cost by having Rip Blood auto restore mana every second using this combination of skills and it doesn’t work.

EDIT: nevermind, description of Mana Feast states it must be direct casted.

hey. you only gains mana from direct/hard casts. the arcane node say it specifically “Blood Orbs now also grant you mana when
you directly cast Rip Blood”.