Rip Blood, Marrow Drinker + Blood Infusion

We know from the Blood Splatter skill description that Blood Splatter only affects targets around Rip Blood, but not Rip Blood’s original target.

If I take Marrow Drinker I am now able to target my minions. In the case I only have one Golem, if I target it with Rip Blood, even if Blood Splatters procs the golem should never be able to get the Blood infusion buff.

Is this correct, or in case of minions the original target of Rip Blood is also affected by blood Splatter and ends up being also affected by Blood Infusion?

I have tried done some tests, but since there are no buffs shown in the minion health bar I can’t understand properly if (in case of only one golem) it ends up being affected or not.

Does someone knows the answer to this?