(Rip Blood) Marrow Drinker and Stench of Blood interaction

Hi guys,

First forum post here and, as I play more of the game, hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some good ideas.

I’ve been playing Bone Golem and trying to use Rip Blood to better target enemies that are of a higher threat level to me than the AI thinks, but, having allocated Marrow Drinker, I don’t think Stench of Blood works anymore.

My suggestion would be to have the targeting aspect of Stench of blood continue to work even when Marrow Drinker has been allocated. There’s no real downside here, but it would be a massive quality of life improvement and would mean players have another option to control minions in addition to the minion targeting button.

Hopefully a sensible suggestion, but I’d welcome the community’s thoughts.


I think that the problem with stench of blood is that i don’t think that it affects targets hit by blood splatter (which is understandable as it kinda needs to be a single target thing) while marrow drinker makes the skill auto-target your minions if they’re within ~1/4 of a screen or so. If you can get rip blood to cast on a distant target then I think stench of blood works, though your minions will go after whatever you attack at a distance antway so it’s not particularly clear.

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