Ring of Shields


I’m providing this feedback because I want to see skills to have the option of being utilized in various ways successfully. With the current state of Ring of Shields, there are a couple issues:

  1. Minion tag not affected by % increased minion damage. However, it does work with % increased minion spell damage. The tooltips for these MUST be fixed.

    • % increased minion damage reads, “Increases the damage your minions deal.”

    • & increased minion spell damage reads, “Increases the damage YOU deal.”

As you can see, the minion spell damage tooltip is wrong, but not a huge deal. I think a huge deal is the fact that if a player spends 4-5 hours on a build, trying to make their minions deal more damage, but their time is wasted because the % increased minion damage only works for melee attacks? Or the shields are bugged and not actually minions…. This is a problem.

  1. Ring of shields will not cast if facing too closely to Lagon or other bosses in walls that cannot be attacked by movement skill either. Sometimes Ring of Shields will not cast (but go on cooldown) if you cast it in the exact timing that your shields go away on their own.

The main problem is the severe lack of damage Ring of Shields does because of no scaling with a lot of minion damage. It is doing 106 damage per tic at level 57, which is extremely low.

Thanks for taking a look at this and hopefully we can make Ring of Shields - immolation more viable.