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Ring of Shields Fire Aura

Just messing around with an incomplete paladin. Excited to try the immolation node on Ring of Shields. Disappointed to the abysmal damage it was doing.

I’ve got no points in Fire Spin, but I am using Rahyeh’s Light for a shield. On mobs the damage is around 30 per tick. As for the dummy…

I think this needs a buff.

I think it’s minion damage, did you try putting some of those affixes on an item? I’m not saying it doesn’t need a buff but I wouldn’t expect to get too much out of it without % minion damage or flat minion fire/spell damage.

Same with the Shrapnel node.

It is a minion! I don’t know how I missed that. Unfortunately its pretty hard to get minion damage as a paladin. I guess I could get shared fire damage but it’s not worth replacing the other prefixes I want. Looks like its time to respec.

Yup, even the Forge Guard doesn’t get any minion damage passives & that mastery has 3 kinda-minion related skills (Ring of Shield, Forge Strike/Forged Weapon & Manifest Armour).