Ring Of Shields and its Many Bugs after 1.0

Hello EHG Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game and recently encountered some issues with Ring of Shields and other shield skills, particularly when combining specific nodes. I’d like to bring them to your attention for investigation and resolution.

  1. Rush Wall Node + Aegis Node Interaction:
  • When combining the Rush Wall node inside Ring of Shields with the Aegis node inside Shield Throw, the rotating shields exhibit a noticeable stutter. Furthermore, there are instances where the shields seem to swap places, aligning with the direction the character is facing.
  1. Wall of Shields Node (Shield Bash):
  • Upon taking the Wall of Shields node from Shield Bash, the shields become locked in place where cast and no longer rotate around the character. This behavior differs from Shield Rush, which appears to work as intended, except for an occasional odd ricochet effect. Additionally, when tested with the experimental affix that teleports minions after a traversal skill the shields did teleport from their previous locked straight-line position however, they were now around me and were locked in position. They would then try to rubber band to me the farther I moved from the location.
  1. Ring of Shields Combined Effect:
  • When specked into Ring of Shields affecting both Shield Bash and Shield Rush in the following sequence (RoS, SR (finish channel), SB), the shields disappear altogether. This occurrence raises uncertainty about whether it is intended or a potential bug.
  1. Bastion Nodes in Ring of Shields + Displacement Node:
  • After taking Bastion nodes in Ring of Shields followed by the displacement node, the shields revert to their original orbital distance as well as they do not orbit. I’m unsure if this behavior is intended, but if it is, it appears to render the three-point investment in the nodes retroactively ineffective.

I appreciate your attention to these matters and would be grateful for any updates or resolutions. If you require additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your time and dedication to enhancing the gaming experience.

Best regards, Broodboy

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