Ring of Shields and Forge Guard interactions

Will Ring of Shields node “Defensive Shields” proc when the passive skill “Shield Crafter” casts a single shield?

Probably? Shield Crafter mentions that “you have a chance to cast”. But Defensive Shields does specify “when you cast” which usually means pressing the button.

I hate how many of these ambiguities there are in this game.

It is not always clear how things will interact.

Yes, but if it were simple the game would be less interesting. Though I agree, clarity would be nice.

Yes. I don’t want it to be simple.
I just want clarity.
A LOT of stuff in this game seems like it would interact, but just doesn’t.

Yes it does I’m playing Shield Bash Forge Gaurd with Monument.

For what it’s worth that’s not quite true. The verbiage for when you press the button is “directly cast”.

An example of the difference would be Smite multicasting when directly cast with Pillars of Light, which only works when you press the button, vs Sacrifice (smite deals more damage but consumes health when cast) triggering whether you’re getting smite casts from pushing the button, Javelin casting smite, the idols tiggering their chance to cast smite on throwing hit, or whatever else.

So if an effect which causes you to “cast” a spell (such as Shield Crafter casting a shield from Ring of Shields) should trigger all effects which happen on cast including defensive shields (and iron form and touched by fire etc), but effects which only occur when a skill is directly cast (ring of shield doesn’t have any but smite and healing hands have some) can only occur if you press the button.

And yeah they appear to try to have clear verbiage like that but it’s not always obvious to folks that “directly cast” even exists much less why it’s different from just “cast”, same with “more” vs “increased”, folks see the words as synonyms and don’t realize how drastically different they are in the game. Would help if they had keywords like that bolded and italicized or a different color or something, and a glossary in the game guide explaining what all those keywords mean exactly.

Not to mention the reason I say should is because there’s enough bugs and effects that don’t work as described that I can’t be 100% certain without testing.

It varies, some skills use one terminology, other skills use the other but hopefully they’re cleaning it up & moving to use “directly cast”.

More v increased is fairly standard in arpgs though (except D4 that deliberately wants to confuse people by only using “increased” to mean the two different things), at least EHG are making it easier by adding that more is multiplicative, though that requires that one understands what multiplicative means.

Well, that’s just basic. It’s when you have more than one plicative. That’s what multi means.

How very explicative. Well that certainly makes multiplicative highly indicative of the fact it’s significative, though perhaps not that it’s duplicative.