Ring Comparison

Currently, when you hold down left ctrl on a ring, to compare it against what you have a equipped, the comparison is only done against the left hand ring, not the right, you have to manually swap the ring positions and re-do the comparison.

Please can you make it so that both rings display in the comparison when you hold down left ctrl over an unequipped one in your inventory.


Agreed, same for off-hand items.

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1h vs 2h compare is broken, because even in the change numbers (1h weapon equipped and shield is equiped comparing against 2h weapon) the compare occurs with weapon stats, not 1h weapon+shield vs 2h weapon

Aye, this is a known issue and has been reported and discussed here and on Discord multiple times.

I hope it’s implemented at some point since currently it’s a bit pain to compare rings since you have to move them between slots if you want the compare to work.

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