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Rifts Skill Tree node for black hole seems bugged

The cooldown is not reduced but for some reason the duration is much much shorter despite not being mentioned in the node description. I’m not positive this is caused by the rifts node but it is the only difference between this time and last time I made a black hole build.
Edit: Sorry maybe the duration part is not a bug afterall, I just didnt realize how short the base duration is. The cooldown doesn’t seem to be reduced by the rifts node though. Despite having increased cooldown recovery speed.
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I’ll just say it here. It would be really helpful if you guys would put the base duration of skills etc in the tooltip. Basically as much relevant info as possible in each tool tip is really nice from a player point of view. Especially the base non modified stats.

While we plan for tooltips to be very informative, having them include a lot of accurate information which is updated correctly is non-trivial so I can’t offer an ETA.

Good point:)

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