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Riddle me, Developer

I, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, have decided to have my presence declared, after tried the demo and completed the registration process! Heavenly being finds your efforts admirable and your project worthy of divine blessing and support, already decided to bestow one (I) medium blessing on your project, by inclination of perceiving you a loyal citizen of the Empire. A financial support won’t lack, though our treasury, divine and holy, isn’t what it used to be after my nephew…

Now amuse The God by following answer, which may yet prove crucial for your future, already known to me, but unbeknown to you:

  • Are you, or are you not, planning to use numbers such as 70(LXX)% or 90(XC)% for a CC value? Are you, or are you not, planning to use similar values for other vital variables, such as Critical Damage, Attack Speed, Dodge and suchforth?

Worded differently, are you determine to walk the path of sin, which lead Diablo III where it was and where it is now (in maintenance mode), thanking to ignorant decision to have most of the damage delivered by a methods uncertain and unreliable, and the HP mechanics boring and yet treacherous?

Do you have in mind, perhaps, capping those at reasonable maximums, since Demo already has some numbers that divine power finds… disturbing?

Clavdivs, The God,
Pater Patriae

Having saw the answer himself, divine being recommends not to have 75% as limit for anything. Balancing is inherently flawed whenever such a numbers are used - ‘a choice’ becomes ‘a need’ and great number of choices you’re planning becomes burdened with ‘must have 75% dodge, 75% CC with 700% CD and so on’, for each of wonderful archetypes you’re making. Different in skills, only, but core mechanic becomes one and the same.

Clavdivs, The God,

Pater Patriae