Review From a New Player With 250+ Hours

Never played or looked into this game before launch. PoE vet with over 3k hours.

100 Beastmaster @ 2% xp
100 Void Knight @ 53% xp
100 Marksman @ 63% xp

The good

  • Crafting is awesome. Being able to craft all your gear without spam clicking thousands of times is amazing. Very intuitive, yet still has complexity.
  • Mapping is easy. It’s very refreshing not having to spend 30minutes to an hour buying currency to prepare my maps. I can just open a timeline and blast. I love it.
  • LP system is genius. I don’t agree with the rarity of LP, but the system itself is really fun to interact with.
  • CoF is great for enhancing the solo playstyle, while still being able to group with friends.
  • Not having to pay RL money for stash tabs. You guys clearly love your players and it shows <3
  • Real and direct communication from the devs. It’s a rare thing and very appreciated.

The Bad and why I prob won’t be returning until most of this is addressed

  • It’s clear the game needed more time to cook. There’s too much jank. From simple values being incorrect, to items stating they do things, while not actually doing that thing (Kestrel MS not applying / increased haste effect from gear not applying).
  • Movement. You approach enemies and you, for some reason, slow to a crawl. Like the pathing just breaks.
  • Range vs Melee. Melee sucks. Bad. Like really really bad. Damage is bad. Clear is bad. Survivability is, since it’s melee, bad. I would think after how long this game was in EA for there would be better balance between the 2.
  • Just so much jank. Zone into a new area as a beastmaster with wolves / squirells and press leap slam? They just FLY across the map. Into narnia. You have to leap slam again for them to FLY back. How about a autobomber with devouring orb on autocast and it will just randomly break and spam itself 100 times a second, while not actually activating? Or playing explosive trap detonate arrow and some traps will just NOT activate detonate arrow for, what I can only perceive to be, extremely obtuse reasons that I couldn’t figure out after hours of testing at the dummies.
  • The game desperately needs movement skills to animation cancel. There are a ton of ground targeted aoes that activate exactly 1 second after the telegraph shows. You can’t have a fast paced game without on demand movement. This needs to happen.

That’s just a few things. Game is good, just too much jank. Needed more time to cook IMO. Got my money’s worth for sure. Gonna miss all the clicking I don’t have to do in this game though when I go back to PoE. Hope you guys can address these issues and soon. Having plans for future updates is cool. So did New World.