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Returning player!

So I used to be active in the community back when the game was in super alpha and was like a half hour demo! I was VERY BRIEFLY on the concept art team (which was super fun might I add!) but for various reasons I just sorta stopped playing games in general.

But anyway just wanted to say HI THERE! That I’ve returned and the game is looking super awesome since I last played and am looking forward to getting back into it again!

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Hey buddy!

For a while i was wondering where all the early backers were hiding since the EA opportunists (like me) seemed to have taken over the forums. They slowly come back now :snail:

Welcome! :rainbow:


Yeah I left for quite some time! I still have my Lagon badge but it’s a shame I can’t wear it on the forum!

Yeah, badges are missing since the last forum maintenance.

It seems like EHGs new tradition with forum updates - messing up the badge functionality. :rofl:

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Ahh fair enough then! That seems fair enough!

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