Returning necro, your opinion on recent stuff!

Hello travlers,

I’m returning in LE (left when weaver appear) and mainly playing (lvl 100) necro fire wraiths.
After checking new minion oriented legendary today I see what seems to be good options, but I’m suprised that I see now subject about them? nothing on build tools also.

here the link:
advent of the erased
Cycle of putrescence

Have you play around them? what do you think?

Wish you all a good time!


I messed around with cycle of putrescence, I thought maybe big zombie build with reviving zombies would be really cool.

Unfortunately, I think zombie vomit just feels really weak. Even with all the nodes and 2 rings for huge flat damage.

However if you ignore the puke aspect of the ring, it creates a really easy/cheap sacrifice loop.

Pact severance has a chance to cast a free sacrifice when a minion dies, I specced my zombies to make vanguards and parasites when they die, as well as 30% chance to respawn. with 2 rings, you basically will always have 2 zombies. So the zombies run in, blow up and die, create vanguards which can make more zombies, as well as bunch of worms that blow up. Then your zombies get back up and the cycle repeats over and over with no input from the player. I just tested the interaction on a naked necro without any damage gear, so I have no idea if it scales well, but I do plan to play it at some point. Though I think you go lich for damage rather then necro.

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Thanks a lot for your detail feedback, really appreciate it!

So I try also a litle but I got just 1 ring so far.

From what I see it’s not as effective as my optimized flame wraiths build BUT the interaction and mechanics are intresting, and at the end of the day that’s the part that makes me always coming back to LE :slight_smile:

If you find other cool use don’t hesiate to share, see you!