Returning Flame Wraith player

I have been away for a few months and had a flame wraith necro already leveled and in empowered monos. However I cannot find any recent guides about the build. Is it dead (it seems to still work). I wanted to see if there was a newerr build variation as well as a new lootfilter. Thanks in advance for the help.

Three possibilities.

  1. No one who is updating/creating build guides is playing it at this point. (i honestly haven’t touched fire wraith in almost a year but some folks might still be gunning it.)
  2. There’ve been no changes that have greatly affected it.
  3. It’s dead.

I’d say give it a run to test out yourself. Make sure to give your character a thorough check before you begin because sometimes with big updates skill sets can be reset due to node changes. At the very least you may need to make a few tweaks if you use the most ‘recent’ guide if their are big changes. I’m not an acolyte expert so one of those folks might be more in the know. I think @ActionRPG is big into minion acolyte builds so he might have a better grasp.

How weird. I find myself in exactly the same boat. I went off to play about 500 hours of D4 (BIG mistake). I’ve returned this week to pick up my 2nd favourite build: flame wraiths. Yet I could find no updates. I also find my build included Volatile Zombies which I have no memory of at all, I thought I had Abomination or Bone Curse in that slot. Probably added it for the Kill Threshold, possibly when drunk.

Anyway here’s my build if you fancy discussing and comparing… as far as I can see it still kicks backsides.

Likely #1 due to Runemaster being the new shiney. It was the same when they reworked the VK/Pally & Druid forms.