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Resurrection bug (immortality / damage immunity)

Hello everyone! I’ll start with this bug.

What is this bug?

The bug makes it so that your character does not receive almost all types of damage from monsters. The exception is damage, which refers to “damage that inflicts periodic damage in a certain area”, that is, various poisonous puddles, walls of fire, necrotic places, etc.

How does the bug manifest / how to get it?

In fact, it is very simple! You just need to DIE! YES, TO DIE ONCE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME!
Of course, that’s not all: D Here is a list of steps for the bug:

  1. Die (Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway)
  2. Do not click on the “Resurrect” button
  3. After death, you need to press the M key and open the map (the game allows this)
  4. Select any place on the map where there is a portal
  5. Press the “travel” button
  6. Wait for the movement to this place (yeah, our “dead” character moves around the map; D)
  7. After moving we will appear ALIVE, but with a post-death splash screen (the same one where the “resurrection” button is)
  8. Press the button “resurrection”
  9. We seem to be “resurrecting”, but in fact the window with the “resurrect” button is simply removed.
    Or not; D

How to check that everything was successful?

Go to any map, move to any place where there are monsters. There will be no monsters. Generally. None (well, except … I’ll write a little later). You will be alone, you will not be able to complete the manolith, you will not kill the boss. You have become a loner, an introvert, hikikamori Last Epoch … YOU ARE GOD!

Where to use this bug and why is it needed at all if everything is empty? 0_o

Well … Just don’t tell anyone, in secret … not all of the monsters are missing!
There are still monsters in the “Arena”. You can oppress them there with impunity. Almost. You just need to dodge various poisonous puddles … And also avoid chain lightning (I don’t know why, but it even hits GOD!) … Another firestorm of some Naga breaks through our divine protection …
But we are GOD! We can do it too!
Oh yes, there are still monsters on the maps of the monolith, in those places where monsters appear ONLY WHEN ANY QUEST OBJECTS are activated. That is, we can accumulate a whole bunch of such maps and then becoming GOD complete them without wasting time killing various lackeys who prevent us from reaching the quest object …

That’s all! More bugs will be in other posts!
P.S. My English is so bad, but I hope you understand me; D