Response to MTX Store

Not quite sure how you got there from what I said. It was an observation rather than a “STFU you filthy casual noob hater” (if it wasn’t clear, which apparently it wasn’t, so sorry for that).

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Well it can only come from the fact i have posted in here, and its taken as aggressive? I dont know… Hence the opinion part… but still

How so mate?

i think thats a bit dramatic. You can also think about hey they try to run a company instead of has it out for us. Thats how i think atleast.

Than you dont get the tactic… the point is the customers think they are not dicks now with this move. While it seems like this whas the endgoal all along in from my perspective atleast. Thats the whole point of this tactic. They changed it so fast with the new prices etc that it doesnt feel like they didnt had it laying down already, but hey we will never know.

Its the same is bidding on a market in certain country’s or pawn shops. You bid way higher which you assume they wont accept. After that they think they have a great deal while the seller is still making huge profit. Btw not everybody is doing it like this with really high prices but you get the idea…

Btw using a tactic to fund your game company doesnt seem like being a dick to your customer to me in this day and age.
Do i prefer the old days? yes i do. At the same time those games are not like back than support wise so it cant be like the old days. In the old days content wise things were slower and without leagues…

In your opinion.
I agree that many things in POE is hidden in the cash shop.
Than again iam not to excited about a lot of gear “looking awsome” in Last Epoch so far… some things look cool to me but a lot looks just basic in my opinion. So i dont fully agree with your argument about looking cool in Last Epoch. Even with uniques some look basic as hell. Take Lament of the Lost Refuge its just looks like a wooden thing i just got out of the woods. It looks terrible in my opinion.

Some others however do look cool in my opinion but half of them feel meh to me.
Beside the unique items i dont think there is something really special to wear.

I’ve been reading the forums since it started and there have been a number of out-there, tin-foil hat posts attributing various nefarious intentions of EHG but this is easily my favorite so far.

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To be fair, the entire point of “anchoring” is that you start off with a higher-than-desired/acceptable price, get everyone used to it then drop it down to a lower price. So if someone’s saying it looks like anchoring, 's 'cause it does from their point of view (& with their assumed ill intentions on EHG’s part). If you don’t automatically assume that EHG have gone full TenCent-Evil-MegaCorp then you won’t see it as anchoring.


This is why I’m saying the argument is flawed. They’re only looking at the price change.
If they lowered prices but didn’t change the other stuff? Yeah, then maybe I’d be able to see it (except I still believe in EHG so…)

Yeah, it would be nice. I don’t play HC online because if my internet gets choppy, I die.

I’d love to be able to use the cool cosmetics on offline characters, and don’t see a reason for not allowing this.

I might be more supportive, if this were the case.


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Verification, or lack thereof, offline I believe.

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Maybe it’s never happening. It’s almost launch and still no word on this.

@EHG_Kain Any idea when the promised transmog system is coming?