@Moxjet200 I got mad respect for your team to have to listen to all these people and stay sane. Yall have created a great game keep working and it will get there.


Respect is earned not given.

So far I for myself think they did a poor job.

For a single player game I sadly have to agree with what you said.

But there are many of us who realize that they have done a great job. This is their first game and they are learning a lot from the experience. Many times we “think” we know how to do the job right, then we find out that it didn’t go the way we thought it would. That doesn’t mean that we deserve any less respect for our efforts.

The game is still a great game and when they get the current server issues resolved it will help a lot of naysayers see that. We should all be respectful in the way we treat people regardless.

100% agree. This is THE ARPG.

seriously ? first game ? how about 5 years in beta ?

I mean. It is their first game. Their first game just happened to be in beta for 5 years. Lol.

Yes, seriously. This is their first game and 5 years in beta doesn’t prepare one for how to go live with such an increase in the numbers of concurrent players.

If respect is lost then has to be earned back. But it should always be given at the start.

There’s no way to prepare for 230k players when AT MOST you had 40k at one time. They’ve been doing everything a gaming community asks for: Transparency and communication. Countless updates and even giving back through pets and item cosmetics. In a week the streamer followers will be gone and the rest of us will have an incredible tim. playing solo and with friends.

I’m not sure one could get more near-sighted than this. Multiplayer is roughly 1 year old for this game. It hasn’t been in beta for 5 years, it’s been in early access/development for most of that time.

Now you’re just playing with semantics. If I had said Early Access, would I have not gotten the scrutiny?

I wasn’t launching an attack at EHG with my comment. I was responding to someone who was being pedantic, much like you are now.

It’s not semantics. Multiplayer came out with patch 0.9, in March of 2023.