Respawning in The Lance of Heorot quest

As I was making my way through the Frozen Roots area for the Lance of Heorot quest, I was dealt a killing blow. I respawned outside the playable area in the root walls, unable to move. Had to teleport to nearest waypoint to become unstuck.

I had the same problem just now. Can´t attache pictures

I took a video of the bug for review, it basically happens only sometimes. I can get respawn at the zone portal a couple of times then the bug happens, or it happens on the first time I try to respawn. I hope the video can help recreate the bug. The Lance of Heorot no death wall bug - Last Epoch - YouTube

it only happened on this map during that quest so far…

Thank you for the report!

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I think it might be fixed now, I went through the quest with no bug and finally completed it and died a bunch of times without the bug happening.

This just happened to me too. 4/17/23

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