Respawn consequences (suggest game mode with setback after dying)

Hi all,
hope I did not miss an up to date discussion on this general aspect of the game. Started the game a couple of days ago and enjoy the skillbuilding a lot.
Only thing that I have as suggestion on actual gameplay is to have some kind of difficulty setting, particularly for respawning, between the 0-consequences standard mode and the hardcore mode.
Guess everybody has a different taste here. For me it just feels like fights, especially with bosses, get kind of pointless if one respawns immediately in the same fight and just continues to attack as if nothing happens. Last boss fight I was definitely underpowered, but still beat it simply by dying a dozen times and just being back right away…
While I don´t favor loosing an entire game after one single mistake or distraction, the regular game mode feels just to inconsequential in this regard.
Maybe respawning only in camps or certain resurrection areas would feel right for me, forcing the player to try best not to die but enabling a chance to try again with a new strategy, build or level up…
Hope this feedback helps somewhat, looking forward to see how the game develops!