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Resolution resetting

I set my game resolution to 1080P with v-sync, OR to limit fps on(ranging 60-70 fps, and at the moment I can understand the game isn’t quite optimized, also it doesn’t look at though is should be too GPU intensive.
However I noticed my gpu usage spiking from 35% up to 80-100% and staying there.

Now if i am do change the FPS cap from say 60 to 61 or 65 to 66 (basically change it by one), or turn vsync off/on, my game quality drops substantially to that of 1080p, and from what I can tell, when I switch between zones, the game resets its resolution to 4k and this causes the huge gpu usage.
i have to prompt it to remember the resolution/settings i have set

TLDR Resolution set to 1080p switching zones sets it to 4k and causes huge gpu usage

Ive looked through other posts and ive not been able to find someone stating the issue i am having, im also not experienced with forums so let me know if anything is wrong.

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

Resetting the game resolution back to your Windows default resolution (assuming windows?) when transitioning from one zone to another is a known problem - albeit very rare. It doesnt happen to everyone and its usually related to some specific individual setup.

You havent provided any specific information about your hardware or software (dxdiag report output?) so its hard to guess at possible causes or solutions but this issue has happened with:

  • Laptop configurations
  • External monitors with dynamic functions
  • Multiple monitors of different resolutions
  • Driver configurations overriding in-game settings
  • Integrated iGPUs (built into CPUs) vs discreet GPUs - i.e. the game keeps switching between them.
  • Third party software running
  • HDMI, Displayports - even someone using an external GPU enclosure.

Solutions are pretty odd sometimes… If you are lucky, it could be as simple as a driver update… If I recall someone changed their windows default to 1080p, loaded the game, changed maps a few times, then shutdown the game, changed windows back to a higher resolution and then loaded the game and it stayed at 1080p…

Problem is that it doesnt seem like any one solution works for everyone…

If you were willing to provide your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini and the output of a dxdiag report, there may be something specific that would resolve this issue.

dxdiag file -

i have updated drivers im going to attempt the windows default open method and see if it works.

Gut feeling based on the dxdiag you provided - Looks like it could be confusing the multiple monitors between transitions… Pure guess here…

Are you trying to start the game on the 1080p monitor or on the 4k Monitor? What happens if you do try this?

Not sure if you are using Steam or not because you didnt include a player.log, but what screen is steam running on when you start LE?

Are you using Windowed or Fullscreen modes? Do any of the available options make a difference/help?

There is also a setting in the le_graphicsmanager.ini file SelectedMonitor, you may want to try changing it - if its on 0, make it 1 and see if that forces the game to start on a particular monitor… Not sure how well this could work tho.

Side note: the Corsair app that you are running is crashing continually on your machine - I am not sure if this is potentially involved in this specific problem but you may want to fix that…

Additional EDIT: It looks like your motherboard bios is pretty old. again, not sure if any bios update may apply here, but its worth double checking.

That is strange, ive not known of a program confusing monitors without actually prompting a resolution change. but I suppose there’s always a chance.
So the launching in 1080p and closing method didn’t work, im launching from steam yes.
Playing in borderless window, ive tried changing the windows resolution to 1080p/2k and running in fullscreen

ill try the le_graph file edit tomorrow

its most likely ICUE (RGB program) haven’t updated it in ages cause its a nightmare

As for bios, i haven’t touched it in a while due to a bluescreening issue i had a few months back which has since been fixed (faulty ram)

Thanks for the replies btw