Resistance Changes Feedback Thread

Yeah, damage taken conversion seems a bit odd now. You might save a set-affix slot, but that’s about it. This could easily change however, if they introduced maxres items or specific “less x-damage taken” items or affixes. So imo its a problem in the current state of the game, but not a problem of the system from an abstract point of view.

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We now have all these mitigations like block, armor and dodge and when you reach a certain value it becomes like whatever because of diminishing returns. Not really exciting to gear for.

I do like the leech mechanic this patch, you actually get to see HP drop which is really good.

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Yeah, that’s a fair comment. I think specific “less x-damage taken” affixes would be good replacements for the Sentinel-specific affixes we’ve effectively lost.

I think the bolded section is both reasonable & good feedback

Hmm im playing Forgeguard based on Boardmans Turbovengeance build. I have max resis 10K Armor infight and only base HP. No block or Dodge just mitigation. Not one point of vitality or HP either skilled or crafted and I’m facetanking everything with lvl 80, except Dots and Lagon Beam.

Keep the feedback coming! I’m taking notes.


I like the new Resistances it’s easy to cap but there is only a slight difference between 60% and 75% resistance, therefore, it is not a must.

The new Resistances allow “trash” skills to make a huge impact now, due to them giving a lot of resistance.

Both Sentinel and Primalist (melee) Have their own ways of building DR that no other class can through the passive tree.

I do hope that eventually we get “Increase elemental resistance cap by x%” Affixes that are tied to Primalist and Sentinel


This is not really true bc you want to get pen on your amulet

Attunement is really sad. It makes the attunement combination nodes on the trees really bad value too.

My feedback from 2 days of playing this patch

mof content lv100 can be facetanked with 75% all res 1k hp and some sustain (my case being 10-50% leech on a VK)

Marked for death now seems to reduce your res and you need a 100% overcap to stay at 75% when debuffed.

Unfortunately i’ve met a couple res shredding mobs but didnt check througly or record it to see if it worked well or not, but it seemed to be the monster shred was kinda hard if it stacked to 10 (cant confirm tho)

Happy to see that bullshit 2k farm hours worth super rare and super mandatory X as X conversion + amulet gone

I think that mods power and prefix/suffix positions and rarity need some review.
There are some places where some mods cant compete.
For example chest and head armor prefix have few options, while suffix have a plethora of strong options mixed with weak mods that cant compete.
Conversely same situation with many amu/ring prefix and few suffix
Life leech on weapons prefix is weak and competes with aspd crit and dmg
Life regen seems very weak and competes with lots of stuff, res, hp, class dmg
Crit is priority nr1 in every possible slot, since the only 3 sources of damage are: inc dmg, crit, broken interaction

Class specific mods, uber rare (i have like 3 each) yet these are in the same slots so at some point you are going to sacrifice something that you previously had. Also these are too rare, i dont really have 2 weeks of farm time before i can make a single try

2 prefix and 2 suffix start to feel tight unless the single mods values change

  • Arena is still numerically broken, with the mobs dmg and the scaling, already by wave 50 any white mob start hitting for 200 after res with each autoattack, the whole res/tank becomes meamingless, the only solution is to be hit as less as possible by manually kiting your hitbox away from mobs. So surviving in the arena = kite

  • When you add the mobs hp scaling, you will encounter some juggernaut, insect queen, or clam shell with “more hp” that has i dont know how many hp and will take forever to kill. So killing in the arena = get absurd dps seemingly attanaible with a very few handful broken builds

^You see where it is going where you want to have bare minimum capped res and all the rest like 90% of your mods and passives into dmg and mobility since with the scaling you cant be standing anywhere for more than one max two attacks with 30 mobs easily bursting your 75% 500-1000hp, and you still need to bring down that 1mil hp mob in the middle of the room

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I was referring to Orians 100% void as fire affix specifically for my VK Rive build… the damage as X affix is no longer worth it compared to other options (imho) so there is little point in using Orians anymore unless its a very niche build.

and yes… getting the ammy only penetration stat makes unique ammys even less useful as a whole group of items.

This is not true of LE system due to the enemy penetration system. hover over your resistances to get more details


Ah you are right of course. I knew about the scaling penetration of enemies, but didn’t think about the consequences for the value of maxres. I’m sorry.

Just wanna pop in to make one thing obvious when talking about “the new system”:

  • Reaching res cap too easy
  • dodge op
  • facetanking everything easy at lvl 100 mono

This all is not because of the new system. This is because the current balance of the new system. All this can be adjusted by changing the values on affixes, increase cap number of shred stacks players can get from enemies, put in more shred enemies, buff enemies damage and so on.

This is the first step of implementing a new defense system The system works fine. I’d say mechanically the changes are


from my experience. The balance is coming because of the feedback we give now.


I do wonder if the new defense system will necessitate some further balancing of arena scaling. Have others noticed that arena scaling is harsher now, or does it feel largely the same/better than before?

So I think I like this current system better than the previous system. Gearing seems more forgiving.

I think Set Elemental Resistance is kinda junk. T5 Set Ele Res give 5/item. Plain ele res suffix T5 gives 16-20 resist. You need 4+ Set Ele to have more at the cost of those being prefix instead of suffix. 4 Set will softcap (80 res), and 5 will hardcap (125 res), assuming T5’s.

I have been gearing my 2 prefixes as Set resists for the Phys/Void/Nec/Poison and using a suffix for Ele Resist.

Maybe the math on usefulness of Prefix vs Suffix has changed with the changes of the defense system. If Health regen is now a tier 1.5 affix, maybe the suffix spot is more strict?

When it comes to ele resists though. It seems like 4 pieces of gear plus some passives are good enough to cap most of the time.

Armour is a serious consideration now too. Flat increased Armous is a suffix while % increased Armour is a prefix.

It’s harsh yeah but we are no longer 600 hp for the win. With bis gear, its gonna be close to the same with couple monsters being overturned (Beetle queen aoe, Void centipede)

Another idea is having each of the set resistance affix T5 range = 7-9/item. This means at 3xT7 you get 63% and at 9 you get 81%. It lowers the tax slightly and makes you care about the range you are rolling when you hit T5

Sort of off topic, but I’d like to see prefixes used exclusively for offensive stats/utility and suffixes for defensive stats/utility. Get rid of sets and increase resistance suffixes. Add armor/physical resistance in suffix and poison/necrotic resistance. Increase the amount so it’s somewhat comparable to the current sets. For example:


  • Elemental resistance
  • Void/physical resistance
  • Poison/necrotic resistance
  • +Dodge
  • %Dodge
  • Crit avoidance
  • +HP
  • %HP
  • Hybrid HP
  • +Armor
  • %Armor
  • Leech

It’s intuitive and forces you to deal with opportunity costs for defense. You’re not gonna have all the slots to get every defensive stats/utility. The same goes true for the prefixes. You’re not gonna be able to go for every offensive stats/utility and forced to make choices. The downside is you’re kind of forced away from being able to choose to go all defensive or all offensive, since they are mutually exclusive. Then again that’s a choice that happens only when you’re able to get past T15 or so since you have to choose which affix to increase.

It’s a great system, much more clear and obvious t first glance how it works.

Something I noticed with the change is just how many resistance stats there are. There’s 3 Elemental, Necro, Void, Poison and now Physical. That’s seven in total.

I feel like a lot of the stats on my gear go out to these resistances.

But I dunno, how do you guys feel about this?

There always were 7, it’s just that the physical protection had a different name. And if Shakespeare taught us anything, it’s that if it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck, it’s clearly a nice smelling Rose.