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Resetting skills

Hi guys,

before I dive in - is there a way to reset skill points from trees, like in TQIT or D2 Plugy?

Or once I allocate points into the tree its all set in stone and if I messed up i need to reroll?

Would be great to know in advance.


There are 2 categories, skill points (each skill has its own skill tree) and I guess I will call em class attribute points (typical spec points for your class and mastery class)

Skills can be reset whenver, but you lose all progress in that skill in doing so. It costs nothing but the time it takes to level another skill.

Class attribute points can be reset via an NPC for gold. It can get expensive, and is done by removing the points you last spent first, all the way to the very first point used. So ya, if you are high level and want a full respec, it will cost ya.

Ok, but when I reset a skill do I get all the points back or I reset this skill and loose all points and start from scratch? So - messup, reset, reallocation OR messup, reset, leveling from zero and gaining all points anew?

Skill points you get no choice, if you reset you start from level 0 on that particular skill if you decide you want the skill later on.

Class points you can pick the number you want to respec, the cost increases the more you respec.

thank you !

No problem :slight_smile:

thank you

Is there a way we can get the cost for resetting passive points lowered so we can play with our points more during the beta? I am not a fan of leveling toons, and although the leveling currently isn’t that bad, I’d rather not have to level multiple Acolytes while fine tuning my test specs…

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