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Reset ladders after big changes plz

Hey, is it possible that you reset the ladders after doing a big change who influence ladders?

Like right now you guys change the incrementation of the difficulty by 50% between each arena waves. So clearly nobody gonna go as high as it was before. Would be nice to still compete on the ladder with a refresh.


You can still go for 600+ very easily :slight_smile:

Even so a dramatic change to the ladder should bring a reset. I’m hoping this is somthing they decide to do.

+1 for reset.
mandatory at least once every big patch

Its beta, so its not that big of deal. Besides, there are quite a few blatant cheaters on both the level and the arena waves ladder. Until they are all purged a reset wont do much, they will be right up at the top in a jiffy.

After official release, then I 100% agree, we need complete resets when things like this happen.

Someone asked in discord about this. Sharing dev response.

It doesn’t make sense because old ladder after changes like that are made are useless and mean nothing.

I didn’t ask for a full wipe but only ladders. Doing them not so much a big deal for players (time wise) and actually they are the main reason to play right now by my opinion.

Cheater are easy to ignore. They are top and everybody don’t care about them when you start seeing everyone close of each other in ranks, you can now be sure they dont cheat and probably did it the right way. Or everybody is cheating XD.

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