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Reset cooldowns in Arean when the Traveler presses onwards

It’s not exactly a skill to wait for your reaper form to run out and then reset cool down before continuing to the next waves in arena but it sure is boring. There’d be no real advantage or imbalance caused (in terms of gear level or skill level etc) to resetting cool downs when the user continues to the next wave. It currently needlessly punishes builds who rely on things like reaper form that have a long cooldown but also decay making their runs take longer for what benefit? It’s not like you can beat wave 200 more easily since you can (and do) have the cooldown just by waiting but it’s pointless and makes the game less fun. Make the game more fun without any trade off of balance by resetting cooldowns when user starts a new wave or when the last mob dies please!?

Hey, you implemented my suggestion. Thank you! Guess I can take back my vote :wink: