Request for a Damage Meter

The tooltips are helpful, but with so many variables, I still don’t know how much damage I’m doing exactly, and how to really parse which stats/items are better. To make this easier for players, I suggest adding a damage meter in the target dummy area (it doesn’t have to be a damage meter that is always active wherever you are). It can show the sources of damage and their amounts. Is stacking ignite actually better in this build? Is armour shred really helping? Is this rotation of skills better with physical or fire damage investment? Questions like these and way way more would be easily answerable if something like this were in the game, and would help new and veteran players alike figure out how to maximize their characters.

Love the game so far. Cheers.


While a more precise way of measuring damage is definitely usefull, especially to compare different skills and build, it’s mostly for “show off” purposes.

Ailments like ignite or Amour Shred are already calculated in the tooltips dps.
Of course this does not take other skills into account that you combine with a given skill, but still the tooltips dps is already pretty crazy good.

It’s useful for getting a better feel for how the game works mechanically. Especially for buffs/debuffs.
For example, what about for stacking buffs with short durations? I know the tooltip will show these but trying to get my buffs up and then quickly look at the tooltip before they disappear is not only annoying, but not giving the desired information. To know how valuable these buffs are, I would need to know their uptime as well as how much damage they are actually contributing. Even if I could just hit the target dummy for 10 seconds using the buffs and 10 seconds without them with a meter to show the difference, it would be incredibly useful for understanding their significance.

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Wouldn’t it be a good start that would cover most requirements and cost (almost) no dev time to just make the dummy killable?
Knowing your TTK to compare different builds, rotations, gear etc would be great.

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Also I would add some dummy configuration like adding amount of armor, res or other damage mitigations or buffs to it to simulate different variants of mobs. The system should be pretty simple like creation own filter with templates, import & export.


It is killable, it’s just that virtually no builds have the DPS required.

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