"Report Player" absent from game

All I’m asking for is the ability to report gold farmers in chat, that’s it. I don’t care at all about profanity (there’s a filter if I did) and whatever else crazy stuff gets said in chat because none of that destroys the game or the economy. and Blocking them is sufficient.

But I can’t “Block” someone from selling stuff in game for real-world currency. (Or scamming them out of said currency.)

But there should be a “Report for violation of CoC or ToS” or whatever.
And an algorithm could successfully verify 99% of cases (once reported) it wouldn’t require a human element, except for appeals.

Enjoy. They will all stay at stash and you will not have any approve they watch stash or chat with people

For now they ask that you screenshot chat and report in discord to modmail.

A report player function has been being asked for, for ages now. Global chat existed before multiplayer, and there was then, and still now, no easy way to report stuff. Just gotta view it as a joke at this point, just a little quirk of last epoch.

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