Renaming - Idols To Something Different

But, it’s not exclusively a religious term. It’s used all over the place. Just because religions use it, doesn’t mean it’s theirs. I mean, religions use plenty of quoteunquote secular terminology, and we don’t say, “HEY! Christianity! You can’t use the word bread. That’s a secular term to describe what sammiches are made out of! Stop offending us!!!”

Maybe we’re talking semantics here, but yeah, it is. Is it ever used in a way that doesn’t imply worship in some form? If you describe someone as your idol, that implies that you worship them in some way.

I worship Greg Maddux as a baseball pitcher… he was my idol when I was pitching for my High School team. But, last time I checked, there wasn’t any Church of Greg Maddux I could attend. Wayne and Garth (from Wayne’s World) worship Alice Cooper. But, once again, I’m pretty sure he’s not an actual deity. The act of worship is also not exclusive to any religion(s).

That doesn’t invalidate that the term started being used outside of religious purposes due to the connotation it had with religions. Many words get adapted outside of their context and their meaning grows or changes. That’s how languages work.

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That has nothing to do with my stance. I’m saying that just because it’s used (primarily) in a certain context, doesn’t make that context exclusive to its use. That’s how languages work, you’re correct there. Religions didn’t create words. People create words to communicate their circumstances. In this case, a word was created to handle Pagan worship, and it carried over into other situations. No single religion, or religions, can claim exclusive rights to its use. Anymore than Subway can claim exclusive rights to “Sub-Sandwich”.

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With all the craze around new classes would it be hard to ask for class specific items to slot in the area that the idols currently occupy? I want some foiled tigers for my paladin… or some… orbs or eternity… or some mystic shadow keys… or something interesting lol.

Aren’t you fusing the idols, er, shards together in the interface to form a whole… mosaic? Maybe that mosaic could be enhanced in a future release so that the near-neighbors of shards making up the whole interact with each other. You can’t do that with idols, clearly the gods, and therefore their idols, don’t play well together. Shards, on the other hand, are practically begging to be placed together into a mosaic.

Btw, you and your idolatry disgust me! :grin:

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