Renaming - Idols To Something Different

Hi, I have been enjoying your lovely game for about 100 hours so far! and i have come across the Idol’s section.

I would like to suggest a change as drastic as renaming “Idols” to Fragments or something similar or different as it would be more inline with the character development collecting fragments of the timelines and pieces of the epoch.

It feels a bit out of place in the game for my character to carry around a bag of idols with stats. In the grand scheme of things that feels out of place from the storyline and in game character progression feeling tied to the characters identity.

I do sincerely hope you consider changing that sections naming in the future as the art is great but, the name just feels a bit out of place for the characters identity, story, and progression. It feels much more amazing to share with friends that are playing to say something like “hey i collected all of my fragments and i am feeling amazing progressing my character” vs saying “hey i collected all my idols” and their response is like “what does that refer to”? “is that part of the story or is it something separate”? “is that class specific or for everyone”?

I just think it is more inline and immersive to have items you pickup not just feel impactful but when you read them its like hey bro i have some of the most amazing “fragments” or “x” from this zone. it has a great connection and connotates a stronger identity than idols.

This could potentially open up many possibilities for future patches and more creative development around this section in the future expanstions also.

Thanks guys keep up the amazing work and I am looking forward to see what changes and updates you will release going forward. Keep creating great things! and thanks for taking the time to read this.

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First and foremost welcome to the LE Forum.

Don’t get me wrong, but if this is the first post on the official forum and this is the only suggestion and complaint you have about the game, that sounds like a good place to be. If there is nothing more noteworthy than that.

If that is an issue, how are we able to carry around 3 Shields and 4 Polearms and 2 Swords in our inventory at the same time?

I think the Idol system is a Hommage to D2 but in a better and more modern version. It is not about how realistic that is.


Thank you for your reply. I believe you misunderstand my intent with the post. My intent is to outline the games natural Identity and possible paths of progression and build upon that. Thanks for informing me of Diablo 2 this is insightful.

I think the Idol system could potentially be progressed/improved upon without renaming it.

It sounded to me that renaming the idols and make them something that is more “realistic” was your main point and the future progression of the system is only secondary. We have to see what EHG wants to make, but I think the Idol system how it is is already I teresting enough.

I could see some more idols in the future with different shapes though.

But the core idea does not really need changing IMO

The name in-game refers to deities, to worship. We get eterran, lagonian and majasan (rogue), rahyeh (sentinel). Eterran makes some sense to me, we try to save it or bring it back or find it to save us or something, but Rahyeh, Lagon? We grab the idol and then go spank them. Not very devout behaviour. That’s seems out-of-character, inconsistent. One action contradicts the other. So change of name and theme about it could help with immersion for those who manage to immerse themselves in ARPG :wink:
At least that’s how i understand OP. Now that it was pointed out to me, it bugs me as well, but not much. I play to design and test builds in fun and colorful manner.

And if they were shards, wouldn’t that imply that they would be merged/fused together?

Thank you for your reply. Very interesting take on the idea. Keep churning out those builds :smiley:

Thank you for your reply. shards, fragments, trinkets, etc… could lead to some interesting future mixed use like they add other things that could be placed in that area. cool idea merging things sounds fun new game elements.

Path of exile has a similar system like this that involved something called Relics when playing in the sanctum.

Hope it inspires some mix use would love at some point putting all kinds of other things in that section based on the release :smiley:

I vote for Gummie Stat-Stick Slot(s).

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Thanks for your reply. Sound like the play :smiley: or maybe they could turn it into a puzzle box you unlock with pieces of chewy candy :smiley:

know that i come to think of it, this could be a interesting place to put a puzzle type system or unlockable puzzle box just another twist on the use cases. :jigsaw:

I don’t have to be devout to see a use in an (ancient) magical relic that provides powers. These things exist, so why not utilise them for their powers? This can be easily explained from an opportunistic standpoint where you need/want every tad bit of additional power level to challenge literal gods.
If you’d went to war equipped with a stick and some tattered rags would you disregard a sword and plate armour lying on the ground just because they were used by your enemy at some point and feature symbols associated with their believe?

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For me, the name “Idols” also feels estrange.

Makes me think of K-pop idols :rofl:

Someone has requested this before, but for religious reasons.

I think people get a bit too bent out of shape over a name/label.

I am indifferent on what they are called, but if the label changes, the story around them may need to change as well.


Yeah, that’s a bit weird, you’re asking gods for help but the name of an item is bad…

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Thanks for your reply. HAHAH :laughing: yeh seems out of place imo but, K-POP :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I can see that as a valid reason for personal reasons it would put a person in a strange place while playing the game… tons of idols dropping and they are like… uh :thinking: I kinda felt that way too like, you need them to make your char strong would put a strong emphasis on idolatry which is against most mainstream mono-theistic beliefs.

Honestly most of game feels like time travel so idols are kinda like out of place i guess :sweat_smile:

And yet this is a fantasy story where you interact with gods all the time. If religious people can’t use suspension of disbelief on a fantasy game maybe they should stay away from ARPGs.
There are many valid reasons, but that’s not one of them. In fantasy stories you’re not likely to find a mythology that conforms to your beliefs and you either accept that or skip that story/game.

I’m thinking that asking for help from (not the user’s specific IRL deity) would probably be somewhat frowned upon as well as then murdering other (not the user’s specific IRL deity). Maybe a little bit of idolatry is the lesser of two Weevils?